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For some time, high-flying jet aircraft have been seen leaving contrails over the U. S. which do not fade but instead spread into broad, long lasting clouds.  Some observers have claimed the occurrence of additional phenomena such as an increased incidence of bronchial type problems, and the descent of a white, spider-web like substance to the ground, both of which seem related to the contrails.  During March, 1999, Joe Beardsley, of Three Forks, Montana, noticed an unusually large number of flights which left contrails that consistently broadened into an artificial cloud cover over much of southwestern Montana.  Joe kept a “contrails diary” during a number of days in that month.  He also corresponded about the contrails with Montana U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, and, through Senator Burns, with Colonel Stephen D. Bull, USAF, who attempted to explain the harmlessness of the contrails.  The letters come full circle, with Senator Burns finally using a paragraph from Colonel Bull’s letter to explain to Joe that the contrails are harmless.  It makes for interesting reading.

Contrails Correspondence With Senator Burns And Colonel Stephen D. Bull, USAF

Read Joe's Contrail Diary for March, 1999  It is interesting to note that, in looking at various “contrail” websites, a considerable amount of contrail activity seems to have occurred over the U.S. in the spring of 1999.  Why?

Photos Of Contrails Over Montana's Southwestern Skies

  • Don't miss the photos on this site which is provided by a resident of Beaverhead County in the southwestern corner of the state. Among the contrails implications contained in these photos are: you can hardly take an outdoor photo anymore, even for a college yearbook, that doesn't have the sky smudged by contrails; the contrails problem phenomena is not unique to the United States but even haunts tourist photographers in France; the contrails problem is documented as far back as 1992.

  • Photos of contrails in the skies over Three Forks, Montana, February 27, 2005, taken by a concerned resident of Three Forks. The contrails problem first mentioned on this website is dated in the spring of 1999; six years later, in the spring of 2005, the problem is not only still with us, but has occurred on a significantly large percentage of days over that time span.

  • More photos of contrails in the skies over Three Forks, Montana, March 8, 2005, taken by the same concerned Three Forks resident. The last two photos in this group show an interesting contrast between two contrails "under construction" that are rapidly disappearing and others that were made earlier that day that have lasted for extended periods of time.
  • Links To Other Contrail Sites

  • Go to this home page, click on "The Issues" tab, then in the right frame click on "Chemtrails Or Contrails Are we really being sprayed?" for some reasoned observations on the contrails question. G. Edward Griffin, a respected researcher and author, gave us the definitive work on the Federal Reserve, "The Creature From Jekyll Island", and his perspective on the contrails/chemtrails issue is well worth the time to read. Of particular interest is this paragraph which may well go to heart of the matter:

    "What I have seen on the Internet regarding laboratory analysis of chemtrail samples is plausible. The fallout was picked up in rainwater and it was found to contain a high concentration of aluminum oxide and microscopic quartz crystals. Other investigators believe that barium oxide also is being dispersed. It appears that government black-box agencies are conducting a massive spraying operation to reflect sunlight, which supposedly will slow down global warming. I say supposedly because there is evidence that the long-term effect will be just the opposite, and that disruption of the normal atmospheric cycles may actually be causing a warming trend."

  • Visit this site for another reasoned analysis of the contrails/chemtrails question. Joel Skousen provides accounts of firsthand experience, some definitions of the differences between contrails and "chemtrails", and an interesting look at the U. S. federal government's involvement.

  • NOAA satellite photo of contrails over several northeastern states.  This takes awhile to load, but is worthwhile to see — just like contrail clouds that have appeared over southwestern Montana. Notice the disclaimer at the top of the picture: "Contrails generally form . . ." (italics mine). (Sometimes NOAA changes their links — if this link fails, I'd appreciate an e-mail letting me know — use the mail link below. Thank you!)

  • Other eyewitness accounts and contrail photos by U.S. citizens.  Information ranges from the highly credible to what Col. Bull would likely call “misinformation on the Internet.”  Take a look.  Be your own best judge.