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At facilitated meetings planners, government agencies, educational change-agents, etc., bring in facilitators who are trained with information put out by such institutions as The Rand Corporation, to use the ‘Delphi Technique’ or other Hegelian principles designed to manipulate an audience to compromise their values and rights. By using psychological manipulation a facilitator can lead a targeted group toward a predetermined outcome while giving the illusion of taking public input.

The first thing to notice at a public meeting is whether or not absolutes and specific parameters have already been set such as: “Wolves throughout the West are here to stay” therefore  “These are the management plans from which to choose”.  Posters and/or maps may have previously been designed, limiting the audience’s choices.

The facilitator will often divide people into small break-out groups which diffuse or eliminate opposing views, or use other unethical ‘collaborative processes’ for achieving ‘consensus’.  The pre-selected leader of each group, using a clip board or such,  will solicit comments from each participant.  Feelings or opinions are often encouraged instead of focusing on facts, laws and absolutes.  Facilitation deprives the people of an important forum for open public dialogue where all attendees can hear each other’s arguments and respond.

At Open House meetings people come and go over a period of several hours, visit with one or more of the hosts, most likely one at a time, and then leave.  These types of meetings are frequently being used to avoid having differing, even opposing, points of view heard by a public audience.  By denying diverse voices a fair hearing, the hosts have again preempted the opportunity of those people to hear each others’ arguments and respond.

Almost all government agencies employ such tactics, and when selecting members for boards and meetings they may actually require specific criteria such as “collaborativeness” or “Nominees should have demonstrated a commitment to collaborative resource decision making”. (BLM)

If meetings such as these are scheduled in your area, contact the sponsor and demand open public meetings,  or distribute a copy of this handout to each person attending a facilitated meeting.


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